Tokoroa High School Trust Method

The Tokoroa High School Trust, in accordance with its constitution, will grow its Capital and Defined Funds to provide sustained support “to expand and strengthen educational opportunities for the people of Tokoroa.”

The method to raise the capital for the trust will be broken down into the following parts:

  • Build The Capital.

(a) Millionaires Club. We are seeking 1000 people to donate a one off $1000.00 donation. This can be a lump sum or $20.00 a week for 50 weeks. Names are listed on a Millionaires Club honours board.

(b) Smaller donations. Can be made towards the capital fund.

  • Defined Fund.

This is tagged funding to be spent in the calendar year. The donor can specify where the funding is to be tagged. Sport, Culture, Academic or Career pathways.

  • Special Events.

These will be one off events and done once or twice per year. Examples may include, Sport/Art auction, Golf Tournament, Ball, Raffles, Etc.

  • Merchandise.

In time, a range of Tokoroa High School branded material will be available for purchase. T-shirts, Sports uniforms, pens etc may be available.

  • Bequests.

If you would like to leave a legacy to the trust please contact the trust to discuss possible requests and wording of will documents.

  • Debenture.

Why not donate a set amount of money to the trust for a set period of time. The trust will keep the interest earned and return the principal amount back you. Please contact the trust if you wish to explore this option.