The Tokoroa High School Trust

Growing Opportunities for Tokoroa Learners

The Tokoroa High School Trust was established in 1977 and has been responsible for the administration of funds raised from community activities, so that equipment could be purchased and grants made to sponsor educational activities not funded by the Ministry of Education.

Originally the trust supported the Board of Governors (replaced by the Board of Trustees), through buying equipment and leasing it to the school. This was advantageous before 1989 but is not seen as a role for the trust today.

The trust now sees its role as being responsible for developing and managing a much larger capital fund with a focus on supporting diverse student learning opportunities not normally catered for by Ministry of Education funds. 

Between 1999-2002 the trust grew its funds from $36,000 to $83,000 through fund raising activities and donations. Between 2002 and 2012 the $83,000 grew to $134,000 as the Trust did not spend any money and the interest earned was added back into the capital fund.

During 2012-2013 the Trust has been meeting regularly and discussing the vision of raising $1,000,000 for a capital fund with past pupils, teachers and Board of Trustees members. The very interested and often excited responses from these people has encouraged the Trust to activate the plan to actively set about raising funds.

The capital fund donations will never be spent. Interest earned by the fund will be the source of funds for providing learning opportunities and facilities that will match any in the country. Our goal is to provide the best possible learning conditions and environment that will allow our community to develop to its full potential. We believe that our people deserve this.

At the same time the trust will be actively encouraging the development of a designated fund where donors can specify in which areas their money is to be spent during the next year or so. Donors can choose from academic, sporting, cultural or professional development fields which will allow them some say in where their donations are directed.

Our vision is to support the Tokoroa community so its learners have wider and more diverse opportunities to gain skills, experiences and qualifications that will allow them to become creative members of both the local community or wherever end up living and working.

Since 1957 around 15,000 students have attended Tokoroa High School and all will have memories, both positive and negative, of their time here. This is everyone’s chance to make a long lasting difference to the future of our community as Tokoroa High School looks to establish itself as ’The People’s School”.