Tokoroa High School Trust Members Bio’s

Dean Tereu – Chairperson

My name is Dean Tereu and I am extremely proud to be associated with the Tokoroa High School Trust as a trustee. My involvement with Tokoroa High School began in 1989 as Year 12 student and has never stopped! I have had the pleasure of teaching here for 25 years with lots more to come. For me this place is all about memories and friends, my best friends are all ex Tokoroa High and we will often reminisce, full of laughter, about our time here. I believe we collectively have an obligation to make this place the best school it can possibly be, so when our families attend here they are also able to look back with the fondest of memories. Tokoroa High School- the people’s school!  I am proud to be able to give back to the school that has given me so much.

Brian Reid

My name is Brian Reid and I am currently a Deputy Principal at Tokoroa High School. I was a student here from 1988 – 1992 and then joined the staff in 1996 to now.

I remember my school days as if they were yesterday. There were so many friendships that were created, and more importantly memories built for ever that my final year of high school was still one of the best times of my life. I believe that the old boys and girls of the school have similar memories and together we are able to provide further possibilities to the students of Tokoroa High School.

Willie Ford – Principal

I have had several periods of association with Tokoroa High School. From 1969 till 1971, I attended the school as a student. I served on the Tokoroa High School Board of Trustees as one of the elected parent representatives from 1992 to 1994. In 2003 I joined the school’s teaching ranks and was appointed Principal in 2010. Currently, I have one grandchild attending Tokoroa High School.

Teokotai Tarai

Kia Orana tatou katoatoa i te aroa maata o te Atua. As a student of Tokoroa High School, I am honoured to have had such profound role models such as Mama Moeroa Maea, Mama Puroku Hall and Papa Tere Tangaroa who cared with their heart and all that they had. High School is about the relationships formed and the care one received. Being together as Pasifika people and having the freedom to be uniquely that, and because of that joy, I love being a teacher here and know that our people are being served. My name is Teokotai Tarai, former student, present teacher, present parent and present trustee of Tokoroa High School. Tok High for life.

Duane Cox

I attended Tokoroa High School from 1988 – 1992.  I own 2 Brother’s Joinery along with my brother Phillip and I  am also a volunteer fire fighter as I believe in giving back to my community.  I have supported the Tokoroa High School Trust over the years and am looking forward to growing the investment fund to provide more outcomes for our community.